About Us

The Lost Dogs’ Home cares for over 31,000 dogs and cats every year and is Australia’s largest animal shelter. We provide a wide range of animal welfare and community programs and services which include:

  • Animal management and pound services for local governments throughout Australia
  • Shelter and adoption service for cats and dogs
  • National Pet Register – free pet ID tags, reduced cost microchipping services and 24-hour 7-day a week recovery call centre
  • Pet Licence – responsible pet ownership education
  • Behaviour modification program
  • Volunteer and work experience programs
  • Foster care program
  • Acceptance of unwanted dogs and cats for rehousing where possible
  • Veterinary clinic for the general public
  • Trapping and collection service for stray and feral cats
  • Lost and found information service
  • Dog hydrobathing service
  • 24-hour 7-day a week ambulance service
  • A broad range of animal control services
  • School talks on responsible pet ownership
  • Training in animal control

The Lost Dogs’ Home is very active in fighting for a better deal for animals without owners. We are a voice for Australia’s unwanted, stray and lost dogs and cats. The Lost Dogs’ Home plays a crucial role in the promotion of responsible pet ownership programs and is a strong lobbyist for fair animal laws, which will decrease the number of abandoned and stray animals being admitted to animal pounds and shelters in the community.

For further information regarding The Lost Dogs’ Home please visit our website